Pro Arcade Script – Overview

  1. Extremely flexible
  2. Unencoded PHP code
  3. Profitable
  4. Import Mochi games on autopilot
  5. Runs out of the box
  6. Unlimited AD spots of any size
  7. Author’s tech support

At a Glance

  • ProArcadeScript offers you premium quality in everything – from easy to read and therefore easy to expand unencoded php code to cool-looking free arcade site templates.
  • Feature-rich, yet easy to use admin control panel will help you to manage your flashgamescript site easily and effectively. You can add new categories and games in few clicks, import thousands of mochiads games in minutes, directly from to your site. That’s right, pro arcade script supports Mochimedia’s auto post feature.  Smart import utility will filter received games by your rules and download them to your server alone with swf files, thumbnails and screenshots.
  • The same control panel will let you to manage users and their comments, ban spammers and rude posters, add static and php-driven pages and much, much more.
  • Flexibility – this keyword describes this flash game script perfectly: unlike most scripts available on the market, this one will help you to build a site which will differ from any other arcade site. Don’t want to show traditional game list with thumbnails on the front page? No problem, just turn the appropriate page block off in your admin cp. Want to showcase the best game there instead? Sure, you can do that. In other words, you don’t have to follow the mainstream anymore, build a site you were dreaming about, with Proarcadescript.
  • Profit – unlimited possibilities. With this flash game script you have no boundaries in placing ads on your site… you know, most arcade scripts force you to place ads in few predefined areas. Proarcadescript is different – you and only you define where to show advertisement and what kind of ads to show. This can be traditional java-based code from google adsense, static banners and even php-driven ads from a link exchange markets like TNX. Read more about monetization here.
  • Support. No matter what is your question about, feel free to ask it on the forum or email it to me, I’ll answer in few hours. Do you know another script with so fast support from its author who actually wrote the script’s code?


Admin home

Site settings

Modules (Page blocks)

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New page / page settings


Category settings

Game list

New game / game settings

Mochi games import

News management

Comments management

Comments settings

Comments filtering





  • More than 10,000 flash games are included
    This is more than enough to start a successful flash arcade site. 1400 games are in few downloadable packs and more than 10000 mochiads games can be downloaded from in a single click, right from your flashgamescript admin control panel.
  • Easy to use, powerful admin control panel
    Control every aspect of your arcade site, from games and categories to user comments and feedback. Manage page blocks – move them from one place on the page to another with easy, add you own blocks – with static html content or even dynamic php scripts (easy to mod the site).
  • News publishing system
    Using handy interface you can inform your site visitors about new games, promotions, actions… everything you can imagine. Publish and unpublish your news in a single click!
  • Built-in pages’ manager
    Add promo pages or pages about your partners, sponsors, and of course all those pages like "About site", "Terms" and "Privacy" using your admin cp. And don’t worry about all dynamic blocks – my flashgamescript will integrate them into your page automatically.
    New: Now you can add PHP pages with any dynamic content. So the task of adding new functionality to the site had become even easier!
  • All inclusive
    Most popular games, Most popular today, Top rated games, Quick access combo box, Site stats – this are only few from the modules which come with each copy of the script. And you can expand the list by your own static and dynamic blocks.
  • SEO friendly
    Meaningful links are easier to remember for a human and will help your site to get higher ratings in search engines. Valid strict XHTML output is important too.
  • Game comments
    Players can comment your games, and you can manage who is able to post comments, whether or not premoderation is required, block spammers’ IP.
  • Site feedback
    Similar to the previous system, your user can comment your site itself. All moderation/management options are the same.
  • Built-in antispam module
    Unlike many other scripts, this one does not use "capcha" – an autogenerated image with some text which player needs to enter to be able to submit a comment… The antispam module in this script is way more user friendly and is not even noticeable to honest people.
  • AJAX 5-star rating system
    No popup boxes, no selects or radiobuttons. AJAX-based clickable stars only.
  • MRSS feed with most recent games
    Keep your players informed about the new games you add on your arcade site using this modern, useful type of communication.
  • Integrated statistics module
    See how many game plays were today, yesterday, last month, etc.
  • User Control Panel
    Users can now manage their profiles, add other users to their friendlists, track friends’ and their own favorite games, change avatars and many more cool things.
  • Games management and supported file formats
    With ProArcadeScript you can upload and manage Flash (SWF), Shockwave (DCR) and Vitalise (CCN) games. Support of other formats is on its way. New: Using the latest version of the script you can publish games hosted outside of your site (so-called "embedded" games) – just insert a URL to the game or HTML code provided by the game’s author in appropriate field inside game addition form.
  • Tech support from the script’s author
    I think it’s important. I will answer all your questions, and help you to solve your problems. And of course I know my script like anyone else so you’ll get the best support ever available.



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