What is ProArcadeScript? In short, it’s a powerful, well structured, modular flash arcade script. If you are going to start a new flash gaming website, this script is just what you need. Install pro arcade script on your website, import our free game packs and enter your mochi ID to start publishing new games on autopilot. That’s it, your new flash arcade is up and running! Isn’t that cool? I bet you will be even more impressed by this game site script’s advantages listed below. One more thing: if you really like Proarcadescript and want to support its further development, feel free to donate, to do that click the button below.


In short, it’s quite easy to monetize flash gaming websites, especially those built with Proarcadescript. There are wide variety of ways of monetization of such a site, I’ll mention only few of them here, to read the complete guide about monetization please follow this link.

The first way. Banners: admin control panel will help you to place banners in the places you wish. No limitations. Integrate as many banners on your pages as you wish, with any dimensions.

Another way. Link trading: add a static html block on your site’s pages via admin cp. Publish new links there with easy! Or integrate one of the link trading system like into your site. It’s an easy task and can be done in few minutes.

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Run on autopilot

That’s right, your flash game site based on this flashgamescript will work even without your assistence! Once pro arcade script is installed and configured, it will start pullign games from mochimedia game feeds. It will download the SWF files, thumbnails, find the appropriate category for each game… in other words it will do all steps required to publish a new game. And will even inform you about the results by email!

So, with ProArcadeScript it’s so easy to run and manage virtually unlimited number of niche gaming sites, especially knowing about the volume discounts for this wonderful script.

SEO friendly

ProArcadeScript is SEO friendly flashgamescript. It respects title tags, meta tags, header tags, uses XHTML doctype. This flash arcade CMS uses SE friendly, easy to remember URLs which look like “” and allows you to set meta description and meta keywords for every single page separately.


This is one of the most important things about this arcade script. Due to its modular structure, proarcadescript gives you freedom to build a gaming site you wish, freedom to add or remove any module on the pages, write and easily integrate a custom-written module, static html or dynamic php page. You can do virtually anything.

Full of cool stuff

  • 1500 games in 3 FREE game packs
  • More than 10,000 games ready to be installed
  • 2 cool themes, each with its source PSD file. Those files will simplify customization drastically!
  • UNENCODED and MODULAR code. This means you’ll have no problem customizing it for your needs: change the look and feel of the existing page blocks, add custom blocks with static html or PHP driven and filled by the content from your database, place banners whereever you wish and much much more.
  • Easy to use, powerfull admin control panel: manage games, categories, comments and even pages structure in few clicks; add static and php pages perfectly and automatically integrated with the current theme.
  • Social networking: players can share their favorites, add other players to friends, list their fans.

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Are you ready to start your own flash games portal yet? It's only a one click away from you! Download a copy of the script now and build your very own flash gaming website. Not sure yet and want to take a closer look at a site powered by proarcadescript and its admin control panel? No problem, click the appropriate button below to see ProArcadeScript in action.

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